Do you want to turn your passion into something that can help your community?

Active Citizens: Leaders for Social Impact is a bespoke social enterprise leadership programme developed from the Active Citizens learning journey, which is a tried-and-tested British Council methodology for community leadership.

The four-day workshop is designed to bring together like-minded people who would like to make a difference in their communities to learn from and share with each other.

There will be three workshops following these schedules: Mindanao Workshop (May), Visayas Workshop (June) and Luzon Workshop (July).

Am I eligible?

The person we are looking for:

  • must be a Filipino citizen
  • must be 18 to 40 years old
  • must have a social enterprise idea or a social enterprise that is operational for less than two years.

NOTE: Applications can be in teams, but camp management will only accept up to one representative per team.

How can I join?

  • answer the application form found in this link.
  • in the application form, post the link to a 2-minute video of you discussing who you are and what your idea is.

When are the deadlines for submission?

Venue Deadline for Applications Announcement of Participants Workshop Date

MINDANAO: Gardens of Malasag – (Cagayan de Oro)

29 April 2016 09 May 2016 17–20 May 2016

VISAYAS: Damires Hills Tierra Verde (Iloilo)

8 June 2016 13 June 2016 21–24 June 2016

LUZON: Forest Club (Laguna)

27 June 2016 4 July 2016 12–15 July 2016

Do I have to pay for the camp?

The four-day workshop is FREE for all accepted participants. However, each participant is in charge of the cost for travelling to the workshop venues.

Mindanao workshop participants

  1. Abdullah, Nasrullah M.

  2. Arellano, Richard

  3. Bagares, Paolo

  4. Brana, Robert

  5. Celeste, Richard S.

  6. Daguplo, Renante A.

  7. Fernando, Eldani S.

  8. Fontanilla-Mamadra, Psyche Rizsavi B.

  9. Gersava, Ryan

  10. Jimenez, Graham Paul

  11. Jodloman, Christine De Siree F.

  12. Kendall, Katrina Loraine Manaya

  13. Lagura, Jhonny Paul H

  14. Naces, Maria Lovella

  15. Noble, Marle M.

  16. Picar, Marben Jan

  17. Salenga, Cheryl Libres

  18. Salera, Liezel

  19. Sevilla-Nasser, Grace Joy

  20. Tagalo, Romulo

  21. Tanongon, Crina

  22. Teh, Krystelle Diane

  23. Torre, Ivorie J. dela

  24. Tugas, Carmelo

Visayas workshop participants

  1. Agpasa, Khevin
  2. Amido, Janvie
  3. Buenavista, Kristine
  4. Cabarles, Raymond
  5. Capanang, Marrz Halley
  6. Crescencio, Jescir
  7. Diez, Dann
  8. Elle, Michael
  9. Fernandez, Mark
  10. Flores, Ma. Girlie
  11. Giron, Paula Jude
  12. Gonzalez, Karen Katherine
  13. Lacson, Jerick
  14. Llamas, John Peter
  15. Lopez, Cherame
  16. Milag, Jude Dave
  17. Moleta, Jjaphet Grace
  18. Montegrande, Joyce Marie
  19. Novilla, Carmela Therese
  20. Obregon, Ma. Mariel May
  21. Ornos, Riza
  22. Palencia, Shella
  23. Permejo-cuaton, Ginbert
  24. Ramos, Luanne Lei
  25. Reyes-Basabe, Ramon Matthew
  26. Tabanao Jr., Ladislao
  27. Vinson, Cris
  28. Voloso, Jeffrey