British Council

Peace Hub Conversation: Abante Bangsamoro

The Peace Hub (PH) Conversation is a series of online and offline discussion on peace and development issues, solutions and innovation in Bangsamoro. To inform the general public, particularly those in BARMM of the Bangsamoro issues, projects, innovations and to increase public engagement;

to raise public awareness on the Bangsamoro issues and create communities that are well-informed and actively engaged in solving peace and security concerns in their own communities

This year, the Peace Hub Conversation will focus on the discussion on the challenges and solutions to make Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) work and sustain peace and progress in Bangsamoro.

The Peace Hub will simultaneously take place in The Moropreneur Inc and Bente Uno Production webpages.

We have already completed this programme. For opportunities and other queries in relation to our work in the Philippines, please email us at britishcouncil@britishcouncil.org.ph.