Three Filipino students studying the UK have been named as the British Council’s Student Ambassadors for 2016 as part of its campaign to promote education in the UK. The three will serve as guides for Filipinos wanting to study in the UK through their regular social media posts and essays chronicling their student lives in the UK.

The UK Student Ambassador campaign was conceptualised to give Filipinos an insight on living and studying in the UK. Typically lasting for an entire year, the postgraduate degrees in the UK and the application processes are given the localised element via the British Council’s first UK Student Ambassadors. The application opened at the latter part of 2015, with 12 applicants vying for the position. In the end, three individuals from varying fields were chosen. One from the arts, one from the media and another from the business—three whose experiences in the UK as a Filipino student are hoped to inspire other, potential Filipino applicants to the UK’s higher education offerings.

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