Introducing our three UK Student Ambassadors for 2017!

Meet the UK Student Ambassadors 2017

Aljo Quintans

MA Political Economy, University of Manchester

Aljo is a proud civil servant. He is taking a postgraduate degree on Political Economy, major in Development, in the University of Manchester. He hopes that completing the course will allow to help his country push for reforms to uplift the lives of the Filipino people, especially the poor. Studying in the UK has always been his dream: he hopes to inspire more people, especially the youth, to pursue their goals and make their dreams a reality.

Kat Usita

MS in Public Policy, Oxford University

Kat studies public policy in Oxford University. Aside from immersing in the university’s history, she’s also enjoying an incredibly diverse education through her classes, where she and the other students from 69 countries learn about how to improve the quality of governance and policymaking amidst the many challenges of current times. Before coming to the UK, Kat was a public servant in the Department of Transportation, working on infrastructure development.

Iris Mauricio

Creative Writing, Brunel University London

Iris moved to the UK after graduating high school. She spent her first year in the country studying at the International Foundation Programme at Queen Mary University of London before shifting to Brunel University London, where she’s taking Creative Writing. Iris has been published in various literary zines, pamphlets and anthologies. She founded her own small student publication in 2016, which she manages with some of her professors and friends.