Specialist topics

Specialist courses covering specific areas of classroom practice, and English language teaching, or aimed at teachers working in non-English language teaching contexts.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Essentials

  • Get practical ideas on how to teach across a range of subjects and age groups.
  • Learn how to plan and deliver CLIL lessons more effectively.
  • Develop your assessment and feedback methods.
  • Feel confident using English as the language of instruction.

Communicative Assessment

  • Identify and use some of the key terminology associated with assessment and testing.
  • Focus on approaches to assessment and testing within the Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching
  • Link assessment theory directly to the design of testing and assessment materials
  • Focus on testing each language skill as well as integrated skills testing

English in the Subject Classroom

  • This course of 10 workshops helps teachers of subjects such as mathematics, science and social studies develop their classroom language to teach these subjects in English.
  • Teachers will develop confidence in their English and practise classroom activities for their subjects.

Learning Technologies for the Classroom

  • Learn how to plan inspiring lessons making use of the Internet.
  • Get practical ideas on how to incorporate social media into your classes.
  • Know how to help your students stay safe online.
  • Feel confident using technology in your teaching.

Special Education Needs Training

  • Learn how to identify special needs in your students.
  • Develop the skills to cater for different special needs in you classes.
  • Feel confident in planning and delivering inclusive lessons and assessments.
  • Ensure that all of your students reach their full potential.

Vocational English Certificate

  • This is a face-to-face training course of 90 hours for teachers of English in vocational education at secondary or tertiary level.
  • It covers the key areas of vocational education in 30 modules.
  • It is also for general English teachers who would like to enter the world of vocational education.