Philippine-UK HEI Partnership Meetings, 22-24 February 2017

To plan for the joint development and implementation of transnational education programs in the Philippines, a meeting between UK and Philippine partners was held in February this year in Manila. Memorandums of Agreement was signed during the visit between Ateneo De Manila University and Queen Mary University of London, and Miriam College and Goldsmith College, University of London. Signing of agreements is scheduled within the next six months for the rest of the UK-Philippine partners. 

Currently, plans are in place for market study, reciprocal visits, curriculum mapping, academic workshops and faculty training. It is expected that postgraduate programmes are ready to be delivered by academic year 2018. More mature partnership such as that of University of San Carlos and Coventry University on PhD in Engineering is planned to be ready by September this year. Said partnerships started in 2015 through joint research partnership under the Newton Programme.