Miriam College with Goldsmiths University commenced its first year offering of Post Graduate Certificate (PGcert) and Master of Arts (MA) in Designing Education programme with 11 scholars starting their UK study last May 2019.    

The scholars, grantees of the CHED’s Scholarship Programme are faculty and practitioners from public and private higher education institutions in the country. They are expected to deliver the programme themselves once they have completed their studies.

The PGcert and MA in Designing Education programmes were jointly developed and are being delivered by Miriam College and Goldsmiths University of London under the Joint Development of Niche Programmes through Philippine-UK Linkages (JDNP) project between the British Council and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Already in its completion this 2019, the JDNP supported the development of 17 niche transnational education programmes in the Philippines. 

The Philippine Embassy in London led by His Excellency Antonio R, Lagdameo welcomed the scholars in London. Ambassador Lagdameo has been an active supporter of the UK-Philippines transnational education (TNE) partnerships since its first launch at the Philippine Embassy, London in 2016.

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