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Philippine Higher Education

The Philippines Higher Education (HE) sector is larger than that in many of its ASEAN neighbours including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia and is characterised by a predominance of private institutions resulting from the commercialisation of the sector (Transnational Education in the Philippines: Opportunities and Challenges, December 2016).

Number of higher education institutions (HEIs)

As of August 2017 there are 1,943 private HEIs in the Philippines with 1,710 private universities and 233 state universities and colleges.

There are 75 autonomous, deregulated private institutions.

Number of enrolment

There are a total of 3,589,484 tertiary enrolment, 1,641,607 in public institutions and 1,947,877 in private institutions. 

Top Discipline GroupS (State University/College Enrolment)

TOP 1 TO 5: Education, Business, Engineering, IT-Related and Agri-Forestry.

For more information on Philippine Higher Education statistics, please refer to Higher Data Infographics 2017  

Transnational Education in the Philippines

  • HESA data from 2014-2015 show that there were 305 Filipino students enrolled onto UK TNE degrees, mainly in taught Masters programmes (N=190) and Bachelor’s degrees with honours (N=95).
  • There are 13 higher education institutions in the Philippines offering TNE authorised by CHED
  • There has been a rise in the number of Filipino students studying abroad at higher education level in recent years, with numbers increasing from 5,500 in 2001 to 11,210 in 2012. However, these numbers are still small compared to its population.
  • UNESCO Institute of Statistics estimated an outbound mobility ratio of 0.4 per cent in 2013, with the highest numbers enrolled in Australia (4,177) and the US (2,959). The UK was the third most popular destination but with significantly fewer numbers enrolled (698).

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PHILIPPINE TNE STATISTICS, PLEASE REFER TO Transnational Education in the Philippines: Opportunities and Challenges