Building stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and technical-vocational training  (TVET) systems

The Access and Competitiveness through Internationalisation of Higher Education (ACT-IHE) is a three-year project between the British Council and the Commission on Higher Education. This collaboration seeks to widen the access of learners to quality higher education and to build the competitiveness of Filipino universities.

ACT-IHE forms part of the Going Global Partnerships programme. Going Global Partnerships connects universities, colleges, education policymakers, civil society organisations and industry partners in the UK and around the world. 

This programme offers vital international opportunities – the chance to build relationships, to share ideas and good practice, to access grant funding for collaborative partnerships and more. Through this work, the programme contributes to stronger, more inclusive and globally connected tertiary education systems which support economic and social growth.

Programme goals

17 universities and colleges (SUCs) have been selected to participate in the English medium education (EME) training programme under ACT-IHE. 

The focus on EME responds to the increasing pressure for education institutions to internationalise. By delivering content in English as a medium of instruction, universities build their capacity for international partnerships.

Through ACT-IHE, we will:

  • train a core group of local EME experts
  • strengthen the delivery of content through the medium of English as means to reinforce internationalisation in state universities and colleges (SUC)
  • improve the capacity of higher education teachers to effectively deliver online teaching and learning
  • build SUCs’ knowledge on internationalisation and their capacity to craft and implement internationalisation plans and programmes
  • increase quality and breadth of internationalisation strategies, activities and partnerships in SUCs.