What is the programme about?

The Programme supports collaborative university-to-university activities which aim to develop a university-industry partnership ecosystem in East Asia (EA) that will, in time, create more research, scientific and innovation opportunities for UK.

Specifically, through this programme, we aim to:

  1. Support policy activities that influences EA governments to provide necessary policy infrastructure and support to stimulate university-industry partnerships
  2. Demonstrate UK thought leadership on knowledge exchange/university-industry
  3. Support and facilitate university-level partnerships between EA and UK and among EA countries that engage industry
  4. Through partnerships with UK, provide EA access to capacity building opportunities to learn and benefit from UK’s knowledge-exchange / university-industry
  5. Provide UK access to EA governments, tertiary education institutions and consortium through U-U-I partnerships

Why are we working in this area?

East Asian countries, like the UK, are driving innovation as a springboard for economic growth and increasingly looking to the role of universities in the innovation system. 

In developed economies universities play a key role in harnessing opportunities for research, innovation and entrepreneurism through university-industry engagement. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) a key focus of national development plans, there is impetus to create a more integrated government-industry-university ecosystem, known as the triple helix.

EA countries can draw on UK universities expertise in this area. The UK has a national infrastructure that creates and exploits knowledge and supports innovation. The UK is ranked second in the Global Innovation Index and is considered one of the best countries in the world for university-industry collaborations. The UK, through its higher education institutions, has an excellent track record of research and innovation and has the world’s third largest research output and ranks highly on indicators of quality.

Our Plans for 2019-2020

Study on University-University Links between the UK and East Asia for Industry Engagement

Study on University-University Links between the UK and East Asia for Industry Engagement: Identifying UK-East Asia University Partnership Models to Deepen Higher Education Collaboration with Industry and Business Enterprise

The study will provide an overview of university-industry links in East Asia and analysis of key national policies and priorities as well as challenges. It will provide an overview of UK Higher Education sector engagement with industry and business enterprise, its systems, structures and advantages to foster technology transfer, innovation and economic growth.

The study will identify opportunities and collaborative models where UK Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) can partner with EA governments and HEIs, with the support of British Council, to deepen connections with industry and business enterprise.

The initial findings will be presented in a regional HE forum on 7-8 March 2019 in Manila, Philippines. The study is expected to be completed and disseminated by end of April 2019.

East Asia Regional Policy Forum: UK-East Asia Higher Education Partnerships for Industry Engagement, 7-8 March 2019, Philippines

The regional policy forum is part of a series of interconnected activities which support the higher education sector to collaborate on its engagement with industry, through focused discussions, sharing of best practice approaches and showcasing of UK and ASEAN strengths, to support the internationalisation of higher education.

This Regional Policy Forum will bring together key stakeholders from Ministries of Education, the Higher Education sector, the business/industry sector and other policy influencers in the East Asia region. They will share and discuss partnership models, strategies, structures, approaches and platforms for UK and East Asian governments and higher education institutions to deepen collaboration with industry and business enterprise. The forum aims to:

  1. Share regional and national industrial and higher education strategies, policies and funding support to promote university collaboration with industry and business enterprise;
  2. Share case studies on university-business enterprise or knowledge exchange models in the UK and in East Asia;
  3. Through recommendations from Higher Education policymakers and influencers, identify workable UK-East Asia collaborative models to deepen engagement with industry and business enterprise.

The event will be co-organised with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and De La Salle University Laguna Campus.


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