What is Intercultural Fluency?

As the modern workplace and our lives become increasingly globalised, connecting with people, excelling in your role and achieving success for your business or organisation relies on effective intercultural engagement. Being able to operate and communicate in complex and changing multicultural contexts is fast becoming the definitive global skill in today’s interconnected world.

We call this Intercultural Fluency.

Intercultural Fluency training

Building on over 80 years of unrivalled experience in cultural relations and intercultural engagement, the British Council’s Intercultural Fluency training helps organisations, businesses and individuals, including young people, perform at their best in different cultural contexts and multicultural environments. 

It gives participants the knowledge, tools and techniques that help them build rapport and fruitful relationships with diverse clients, partners and co-workers, adapt their approach, and avoid potential misunderstandings and common pitfalls of engaging across cultures.

Intercultural Fluency courses are practically focused and delivered by locally based, expert trainers. They can be tailored to the needs of a range of diverse audiences.

‘Incredibly valuable courses’ 

Steven Gwenin, Chief Executive, Global Vision International - an award-winning organisation providing life-changing volunteering programmes that support sustainable development projects around the world.

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