The Digital Craft Toolkit is part of the British Council’s Crafting Futures project, helping to expand crafting business learning opportunities through online platforms. Artists, designers, entrepreneurs or anyone else interested in crafts can freely access the toolkit. Courses are available in both Thai and English, covering a variety of lessons such as setting business goals, overall business planning, creating design concepts, developing products, sales and marketing, as well as budget management. These courses have been developed by Applied Arts Scotland, a non-profit organisation operating in Scotland’s craft industry. Moreover, 20 designers and crafts persons from Scotland and Thailand also present their experiences through movies and interview videos. 

The development process for the Digital Craft Toolkit consisted of two parts: content and website construction from March 2018 to July 2019, and a workshop on the use of the toolkit. In August 2019, the workshop was presented to 120 crafts persons and others interested in the arts supported by the Pentland Group; a leading fashion company in the UK.

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