Woman weaving

Crafting Futures supports the future of craft around the globe. This British Council programme strengthens economic, social and cultural development through learning and access. Our projects support practices and people through research, collaboration and education. 

Through international collaboration, we create new networks and opportunities for shared learning between the UK and other countries around the globe. The programme supports research and education in craft, ensuring our projects are relevant and the quality of creative practice is preserved and continues to develop. Crafting Futures offers designers and artisans access to knowledge and expertise, new markets and new audiences, ensuring the value of craft is appreciated more broadly and knowledge can continue to be shared within the sector.

Filipino man weaving

We work with a consortium of partners in the UK and match them with overseas partners. We are supported by regional advisory groups of local craft, design, technology and social enterprise experts.

Crafting Futures is currently active in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Latin America. In the Philippines, we have recently launched the following as part of the programme:


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