photo of men, women and kids shopping for hats and other products at a creative hub in Escolta.

Andrew Ormston

National and local governments in the Philippines are becoming increasingly interested in the creative economy. However, evidence on the hubs’ contribution to their communities is lacking. With this report, we want to understand the profile, dynamics and effect of creative hubs in the country. 

We commissioned Drew Wylie Consultancy and Qrious to conduct this study and find out how creative hubs make an impact at the individual, community and national levels in the Philippines.

Drawn from a series of surveys, profiling, and in-depth interviews with hub managers and stakeholders in the creative industries, the report provides us with the following information:

  • an overview of the general context in which hubs operate, and; 
  • a study on how hubs construct and assess their influence. 

Pineapple Lab, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery and MATIC HUB are just some of the hubs in Manila and Cebu included in the case studies. 

‘Happy Nests’ highlights that creative hubs model has proven effective as a research and development vehicle that links the motivation and innovation of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with wider themes. It also offers insights on how initiatives from the UK, Europe and North America strengthened their creative communities and wider societies by working with policymakers, academics and hubs.

The report will be a useful reference for policy makers, researchers, development organisations, investors and everyone interested in the creative economy in the Philippines. 

Executive summary (10-15 min read)

This contains information about the study’s methodological framework and a summary of findings. 

Full report (100-120 min read)

‘Happy Nests: The social impact of creative hubs in the Philippines’ can be downloaded here. The full report consists of the research objectives, framework and design, presentation of analysis and data, summary of findings and recommendations.

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