#MaterialsWiki - A virtual knowledge sharing that aims to bring together Creative Dundee and MATIC to gather knowledge and insights from the 2020 Connections Through Culture project, Materials Library Expansion. It is a collaboration with the University of Cebu's Arts and Design Programme to share the data gathered with arts & design students, allowing them to explore the potential of natural materials, and how these might apply to their own output.

The virtual sharing session is part of the 2021 #UCAnimation Summit, an annual conference at the University of Cebu where students gain knowledge, and experience from creative professionals.

Meet the grantees:

MATIC Hub led by their Project Manager Patricia Mendoza ©


Gillian Easson, Creative Director, Creative Dundee 

MATIC Hub (Cebu, Philippines)

Matic Hub or MATIC is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)’s the main support for creative industries and acts as the secretariat team for Cebu – UNESCO City of Design. MATIC is composed of an eclectic group that’s deeply rooted and involved in the Creative Cebu Grid. The MATIC Team acts as a connecting hub for organisations that wish to be involved in Cebu’s City of Design initiatives.

Gillian Easson (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Gillian Easson is the Director of Creative Dundee in Scotland. She designs a diverse portfolio of projects in collaboration with the team, and leads strategic partnerships, which support the sustainability of creative communities. With a background in design and innovation, she has used this to improve access routes to education, employment and enterprise.

MATIC Hub and Gillian Easson were recipients of the Connections Through Culture Digital Collaboration Grants in 2020 for their project Materials Library Expansion – An art and cultural research collaboration between Cebu and Dundee UNESCO Creative Cities of Design.

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