UK ENIC now considers bachelor’s degree from the Philippines awarded from 2022 onwards comparable to a UK bachelor’s degree. 

This means that newly graduate Filipinos seeking to study a master’s degree at a UK university can have increased confidence when applying. Before this, entry into a UK programme entails additional evidence of equivalency or qualification. 

In a statement, UK ENIC said that this ‘reflects increased confidence in the suitability of recent and future graduates from Philippine universities for admission to postgraduate study in the UK’. It suggested that UK higher education institutions may ‘consider for direct admission onto their Master’s degree programmes graduates from post K-12 Bachelor degree programmes’. 

This comparability advice follows an overhaul of the basic education system in the Philippines culminating in the passage of the K-12 law or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2012. A major outcome of the K-12 law is a harmonised basic and tertiary curricula that improved the global competitiveness of Filipino graduates. 

UK ENIC is the UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills and provides advice on comparisons (also called comparability advice) of international qualifications against UK qualifications and framework levels.  

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