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To initiate collaboration, five partner universities for ACT-IHE transnational education (TNE) met with 12 UK universities in a virtual networking opportunity on 22 June.

Officials, faculty and staff from Batangas State University, Central Mindanao University, Mariano Marcos State University, Philippine Normal University Manila and University of the Philippines Manila introduced their respective universities and discussed their fields of expertise to prospective UK partners who expressed interest in developing a TNE programme partnership.

Each Philippine university will determine a partner they would develop a TNE programme with.

The networking activity facilitates partnership brokering and matching between UK and Philippine universities. It also provided an avenue for the universities to exchange insights on possible TNE programmes and models that would work in both countries.

Through institutional capacity building, knowledge exchanges that align local standards to international levels, mission visits, and other development activities with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), we aim to equip both Philippine and UK higher education institutions with insights, strategies and skills to them achieve their internationalisation and TNE goals.

The TNE programmes to be developed under ACT-IHE shall be offered by the PH and UK university by 2024.

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