Scholar Title Conference/Book/Journal title, year and page Authors ISSN (Print / Digital / Linking)
Merell Billacura  Identification of a subset of trace amine-associated receptors and ligands as potential modulators of insulin secretion Biochemical pharmacology, Volume 171, 2020, 113685 Cripps, MJ., Bagnati, M., Jones, TA., Ogunkolade, BW., Sayers, SR., Caton, PW., Hanna, K., Billacura, MP., Fair, K., Nelson, C., Lowe, R., Hitman, GA., Berry, MD., Turner, MD.  
Merell Billacura Glucolipotoxic downregulation of HNF- 4α gene expression results in decreased expression of multiple protein trafficking molecules, and reduced insulin secretion from pancreatic  β-cells   2020 Hanna, K., Billacura, M., Cripps, MJ., Jones, TA., Marshall, C., Ogunkolade, W., Sayers, S., Caton, PW., Hitman, GA., Turner MD.  
Dave Buenavista Asian Indigeneity, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and Challenges of the 2030 Agenda  2020, pages 221–240 Buenavista, D.  
Dave Buenavista From poison to food: On the molecular identity and indigenous peoples’ utilisation of poisonous “Lab-o” (Wild Yam, Dioscoreaceae) in Bukidnon, Philippines Cogent Food and Agriculture, Vol 7, 2021 – Issue 1 Buenavista, D., Diponol, NM., Mollee, E., Mcdonald, M.  
Dave Buenavista  Begonia bangsamoro (Begoniaceae, section Petermannia), a new species from Mindanao Island, the Philippines Phytotaxa, 497(1), 39-48
Buenavista, D., Ang, Y., Pranada, M., Salas, D.,
Mollee, E., Mcdonald, M.
Sheen Mclean Cabañeros Short- and Long-term Forecasting of Ambient Air Pollution Levels using Wavelet-based Non-linear Autoregressive Artificial Neural Networks with Exogenous Inputs International Journal of Environmental Impacts: Management, Mitigation and Recovery,  2020, pages 143 - 154 Cabañeros, SM., Calautit, JK., Hughes, BR.  
Sheen Mclean Cabañeros Spatial Estimation of Outdoor NO2 Levels in Central London Using Deep Neural Networks and a Wavelet Decomposition Technique Ecological Modelling, Volume 424,109017, 2020, 

Cabañeros, SM., Calautit, JK., Hughes, BR.

ISSN 0304-3800 
Sheen Mclean Cabañeros A Review of Artificial Neural Network Models for Ambient Air Pollution Prediction Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 119, 2019, pages 285-304 Cabañeros, SM., Calautit, JK., Hughes BR. ISSN 1364-8152
Sheen Mclean Cabañeros Hybrid Artificial Neural Network Models for Effective Prediction and Mitigation of Urban Roadside NO2 Pollution Energy Procedia, Volume 142, 2017, pages 3524-3530 Cabañeros, SM., Calautit, JK., Hughes, BR. ISSN 1876-6102 
John Dale Dianala The relationship between seismic and aseismic slip on the Philippine Fault on Leyte Island: Bayesian modeling of fault slip and geothermal subsidence Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125.  2020 Dianala, JDB.  
Stephen Doliente Multi-objective spatio-temporal optimisation for simultaneous planning, design and operation of sustainable and efficient value chains for rice crop 1453-1458 2019 Doliente, S. ISBN  1570-7946
Stephen Doliente Design of Biomass Value Chains that are Synergistic with the Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Strategies and Opportunities Food and Bioproducts Processing, 2019,  pages 170-185   Tapia, FD., Samsatli, S., Doliente, SS., Martinez-Hernandez, E., Ghani, Wabwak., Lim, KL., Shafri, HZM., Shaharum, NSNB. Print  0960-3085
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