Xavier University's VP for social development Roel Ravanera and British Council (Philippines) country director Pilar Aramayo-Prudencio signed the partnership agreement for the Safe, Cohesive, and Just Communities Project. ©

British Council

Safe, Cohesive and Just Communities

The project will contribute to building a culture of community-driven policing in the Bangsamoro and by so doing complement the peace building efforts and the transition process. It will prepare communities for the introduction of community policing by increasing their awareness on the topic and enhancing their meaningful participation as to how this can look like such that it will benefit them. The final output is a community policing strategy/blueprint and toolkit for use by relevant stakeholders and affected communities.

 The Safe, Cohesive and Just Communities (SCJC) aims to increase peace, safety and prosperity for vulnerable and at-risk communities in Bangsamoro. The project aims to enhance local governance through improved interactions among civil society, the police, local government units and local communities; and to create alternative pathways to access justice, resolve conflict and counter extremist narratives through community empowerment.

British Council, Xavier University join hands in peacebuilding project for Bangsamoro

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