Participants of the Beyond CSR programme share their values and self-concept

Ensuring a lasting economic and social outcomes for local beneficiaries in the Philippines

Local communities could not leverage traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes over the long term. There existed dependency mind-set caused by donations as opposed to one that is self-sustaining. This programme changed this self-sustaining mindset to ensure sustainable outcomes for local communities.

The programme used the Active Citizens methodology that empowers social enterprise leadership. These leadership skills help local communities to adopt a self-sustaining mindset which in turn enables them to create self-sustaining social enterprises. The project partners Integrated Micro-electronics, Laguna Water Corporation and Ayala Foundation identified 15 communities to create the Beyond CSR programme with the British Council. The outcome for these communities where many self-sustaining social enterprises.

Use of the Active Citizens methodology help to share the expertise of the UK in the area of Social Enterprise.

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