Delegates from the Philippines © British Council

“The best way to learn is not from books and pencils, but from experience and that's what ASEAN student mobility has given us."

Studying abroad benefits students in many ways, with academic development being only one small part. Students return with enriched intercultural competencies as seen through students’ contributions to the panel discussions at the First ASEAN Student Mobility Forum.

The Forum celebrated young people becoming empowered to think of themselves as true ASEAN citizens. It brought together scholarship recipients, representatives of ASEAN governments, universities, and other relevant organisations. They discussed the benefits and challenges of regional student mobility and scholarship schemes and gave suggestions for improvements. These included creating a regional alumni network and student unions, preparing students better for mobility opportunities, and improved data mapping and sharing.


The First ASEAN Student Mobility Forum © ASEAN

238 delegates from 15 countries attended the forum and a Policy Brief was produced as a result. The British Council as SHARE Consortium Lead works with Campus France, DAAD, Nuffic, ENQA and EUA to implement SHARE. SHARE supports ASEAN’s efforts to further improve the quality of higher education, stimulate student mobility and integration, and contribute to regional competitiveness and development.

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