TeachingEnglish Asia on Facebook

"Wow! You always excel my expectations. A million thanks Teaching English Asia" - comment from a fan (teacher)

Since 2011 teachers from across Asia have been sharing tips, learning about the latest research and asking questions on the 'Teaching English Asia' Facebook page. The number of teachers who 'like' the page has grown from just over 300 in August 2011 to over 237,000 in June 2018.

The page was set up as a place for teachers to share ideas and find out about the latest research and teaching tips in an informal environment. They can find articles from a wide variety of publications, including the British Council's Teaching English site, with links to lesson plans and information about the latest in educational psychology and research. Teachers also use the site to share their own articles, blog posts and lesson plans with a wider audience, as well as asking for advice on issues they are having.

The 'Teaching English Asia' Facebook page currently has well over 237,000 fans and individual posts often have a reach of over 10,000 people (on occasion over 100,000). The page has given individual teachers the chance to share their lesson plans and articles with a much larger audience.

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