At Making Futures Philippines, we have an exhibit of Thailand’s Crafting Futures programme. Please find information here.

Crafting Futures: Thailand is featured at the Making Futures conference. It showcases the concepts and products developed under the British Council’s Crafting Futures programme. The project engages with artisans in different parts of Thailand through capacity building programmes, with the main beneficiaries being women artisans. The project also provides support and knowledge access to craft networks and entrepreneurs. Activities of the project include: Crafting Futures: Tai Lue project in Pua District, Nan; Crafting Futures: Wanita project in Pattani and Narathiwat; and Digital Craft Toolkit.

Crafting Futures: Tai Lue is a long-term project aimed at revitalising the cultural identity and textiles of the Tai Lue community in Pua District, Nan Province. It focuses on design and cultural identity, the transfer of skills and traditional knowledge, awareness of environment-friendly materials, the manufacturing process, and a sustainable business model. It is a collaboration between British Council Thailand, Fai Gaem Mai Chiang Mai University, and Manchester Metropolitan University. This exhibition presents design collaborations between local artisans, and Thai and UK designers.

Crafting Futures: Wanita is a craft development project for women and girls in the Deep South of Thailand under the Wanita network. Wanita is a social enterprise supporting the livelihood of women in the Deep South, who have been affected by ongoing conflicts. It is a collaboration between British Council Thailand, Prince of Songkla University, Applied Arts Scotland, and Wanita. The project presents the work of four women’s basketry groups in Pattani and Narathiwat Provinces.