In 2019, researchers from University of Salford partnered with De La Salle University to conduct a workshop on Smart Cities at DLSU Manila.

Newton Researcher Links Workshops bring together leading researchers from the UK and the Philippines to make international connections that can improve the quality of their research. 

These workshops are funded under the Newton Fund, a UK Government initiative funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), together with partner funders from around the world.

Priority areas:

  • sustainable aquaculture – Development of alternative/improved feeds using biotechnology
  • biological/biomass feedstock – Production of animal health biotechnologies such as disease diagnostic protocols and kits, vaccine, probiotics and immunostimulants.

ODA requirement: All applications must meet the required relevance to economic development or social welfare of the Philippines – check the guidelines in the downloads section below.

The Researcher Links Workshops enable knowledge exchange, as well as skills and career development – areas that are important for sustainable development. This forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance programme to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and social welfare of developing countries.

In the Philippines, the Researcher Links Workshops is under the Newton Agham Programme. It is co-funded by the following:

Eligibility Criteria

  • leading or established researchers can apply as Principal Applicants (as defined by the EC – view information on the Euraxess website)
  • each proposal must have one Principal Applicant from the UK, as well as a Principal Applicant from the Philippines
  • please download and view the list of eligible UK research institutions (in the Downloads section).

Applications are now closed.

Shortlisted proposals will be notified by email.
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