Science Beyond Borders Anthology

About Science Beyond Borders

The Science Beyond Borders anthology of case studies features the unfolding of UK-Philippine research collaborations throughout the Newton Agham Fund lifecycle. Read the insights, stories and case studies from scholars, scientists, researchers, higher education institutions and government representatives who have worked between the Philippines and the United Kingdom. The articles here discuss different entry points to research connections, such as international studentship and mentoring, scientific discovery, bilateral workshop alliances, innovations, and other experiences from research culture nuances. This publication showcases the impact of and offer in-depth critical insights on cultural relations between the UK and PH in the areas of science and innovation research.


British Council


British Council

Editorial Team

Lead Editor: Maria Carmen (Ica) Fernandez

Editor: Danie Son Gonzalvo


  • Sarah Cardey, PhD
  • Aleyla de Cadiz, PhD
  • Leah dela Rosa, PhD
  • Justine Domingo, PhD
  • Evelyn Taboada, PhD
  • Sherdon Nino Uy, PhD

Public Presentation

Moderator: Danie Son Gonzalvo


  • Ica Fernandez
  • Sarah Cardey
  • Nino Uy
  • Leah dela Rosa