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About the grant

We are looking for Philippine-based trainers and community leaders who would like to be further trained to deliver the British Council Craft Toolkit to craft communities in the Philippines.

The Woven Networks programme aims to spark exciting, collaborative research and development of the weaving sector in the Philippines. It bridges the rich, and sometimes forgotten, heritage of handloom weaving with new ideas materials and skills, enabling the sector to increase its value and expand relevance. It is supported by British Council’s Crafting Futures global programme.

Through the Woven Networks Toolkit grant, we aim to:

  • enable community leaders better support local artisans and craft entrepreneurs in their communities, especially in hard to reach areas of the country
  • address the need to build the knowledge capacity of local artisans with entrepreneurial skills to enhance the economic sustainability of their craft. 

Recipients must undertake the training and understand how to use, adapt and deliver workshops with the British Council Craft Toolkit to craft communities in the Philippines from December 2020 to March 2021

What is the British Council Craft Toolkit?

The Craft Toolkit offers artisans, designers and other creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to expand their business knowledge through an online platform that is accessible and open to the public. Courses cover a variety of lessons such as setting business goals, overall business planning, creating design concepts, developing products, sales and marketing, as well as budget management. 

Who can apply? 

The grant supports sector and community leaders based in the Philippines who have a solid track record as a facilitator and in working with artisan and craft communities in the Philippines, especially in hard to reach areas of the country (these can be within or outside business districts or a major city).

Interested applicants are encouraged to access the British Council Craft Toolkit site and study it before developing their proposal.

Applicants should:

  • be an individual or a representative of an organisation. For example, a social or design enterprise, collective, cooperative, university, NGO, cultural organisation, etc.; please note that the organisation must have a local business registration.
  • be based in the Philippines and have strong networks with target craft communities, particularly weaving communities.
  • have previous experience/track-record in facilitating workshops.
  • have a good working relationship with craft communities in the Philippines.
  • attend and complete the online training for trainers for the British Council Craft Toolkit facilitated by Applied Arts Scotland in January 2021.
  • have access to internet connection.

When is the deadline? 

Applications will close on 20 November 2020

How to apply? 

  • Read the guidance notes here.
  • Submit your application through this website

What is the value of the grant?

Grants of up to Php 150,000 (around £2300) will be awarded to each selected trainer.

What is the grant for?

  • All professional fees, including workshops, translation, monitoring and evaluation, and module writing and creation. 
  • Related expenses such as graphics, communications and travel (to be arranged by the researchers in coordination with their team, not by the British Council). 
  • Photo and video documentation of workshops (to be used for communications purposes or as a complement to the report and module. 
  • Liaising with one to two artisans to produce homemade, internet quality videos running 1 to 2 minutes, to be included in the Philippine version of the British Council Craft Toolkit website. 
  • Other incidentals and expenses. 

What are the expected outputs?

  • Workshop(s) that will reach a total of 60 artisans and entrepreneurs in a weaving community (these can be weavers, designers and other entrepreneurs). The trainer will determine through his/her proposal whether these will be done over one or multiple sessions, or whether they should take place on site, online or blended.
  • Workshop materials required for delivery in the local context and language. 
  • A module that future learners can use as a guide to using the British Council Craft Toolkit online platform. 
  • A post-activity report.
  • Homemade video clips (1 to 2 minutes each) of an artisan talking about his or her work (content brief to be finalised).

For any queries, email us at arts@britishcouncil.org.ph.

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