Razcel Jan Salvarita is a Negros-based independent, multidisciplinary artist and community artivist (artist-activist). He works with repurposed textiles combining art and environmental sustainability in his creative process. He was a South East Asia Delta (SEAD) fellow in 2019. SEAD is a programme co-created by the British Council and Mekong Cultural Hub.

About the project

Through a blended learning approach, Raz’s Craft Toolkit sharing aimed to encourage weaving communities in Iloilo, Panay Island and Siquijor to sustain their businesses in the time of Covid-19.

For better learning experience and accessibility, the learning modules were translated from English to Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a, the common local languages in the selected communities. 

Partner communities

Raz worked with the following communities for his Craft Toolkit face-to-face sessions:

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