MSc Sustainable Food Systems 

Dual Degree

Bicol University and University of Liverpool are partnering to develop a dual academic programme on MSc in Sustainable Food Systems (MSc-SFS). The programme aims to train professionals to acquire competencies and interdisciplinary knowledge of food systems, addressing sustainable intensification, supply chain resilience and an understanding of consumer behaviour and nutrition. Commencing in 2018, the two-year master’s provides opportunities for specialised technical advancement toward sustaining linked bio-resource systems on land and water.

The well-equipped facilities and high-quality advising from the two universities will be suitable in providing excellent experience for each student in conducting the research project. A successful MSc candidate is granted two separate degrees, MSc-SFS from BU and MSc in Advanced Biological Science (Sustainable Food Systems) (ABS) from UoL, upon completion of requirements through aligned assessment criteria. Delivered through self-directed learning (e.g., online modules and assessment), the MSc-SFS courses are studied in the context of climate change while the MSc-ABS focuses on advanced research competencies and skills.

Key Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this dual award programme will be able to demonstrate:

  • Comprehensive understanding and critical awareness of a complex body of knowledge informed by the latest research in the discipline
  • Comprehensive understanding of a range of techniques applicable to their own research or scholarship
  • Originality in the application of knowledge and how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through research or scholarship
  • Ability to evaluate critically research and advanced scholarship in this discipline
  • Initiative and personal responsibility
  • Decision-making in complex and unpredictable situations
  • Originality in tackling and solving problems. Independent learning ability required CPD to advance knowledge and understanding, and to develop new skills to a high level
  • Independent research or scholarly activity for the generation of new knowledge in the discipline

How to Apply

Please contact:

Bicol University

Prof. Antonio P. Payonga


Bicol University Graduate School

Rizal Street, Legazpi City 4500


Telephone number: +63(052) 481-1454

Fax number: +63(052) 742-3758

Email addresses:


University of Liverpool

Prof. Steve W. Edwards

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy,

Institute of Integrative Biology,

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

University of Liverpool,

Liverpool L69 72B, UK

Telephone: +44(0)151 794 5815

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