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Dual Degree

The Institute of Environmental Science & Meteorology of the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP IESM) and the University of Reading (UR) offer the opportunity to pursue a dual degree PhD program in Meteorology. The students will spend their first semester in UP, during which they finalize their research plans under the joint supervision by both institutions.  The next one and a half years is spent in UR to finish the other requirements and exposure to state-of-the-science in the field of meteorology. Students are expected to publish scientific papers in their final year in the Philippines.

The UP IESM is the sole institution offering graduate degrees in Meteorology in the country. In 2017, IESM revised its curriculum to incorporate advanced courses on computational and imaging techniques in weather forecasting and climate modeling, which are expected to improve our understanding of the changing climate and vulnerability to extreme events.  We tap the expertise of UR, ranked 2nd in the world for research in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, to further our goal of solving critical problems in the natural environment, particularly weather and climate in the tropics.

PhD by Research*

University of the Philippines Los Baños & UNIVERSITY OF READING

Dual Degree

With specializations in fields contributing to the development of the agricultural sector and to ensuring food security, the Dual PhD by Research program will see faculty and researchers from the two universities jointly supervising students as they take advantage of broad opportunities to provide innovative, theory-based, systematic, and practical solutions to the agricultural and environmental concerns of glocal economies.

The program aims to produce graduates who have contributed to the body of knowledge in fields related to the agricultural/economic sciences or to have provided innovative, theory-based, systematic, and practical solutions to the agricultural/economic concerns of specific industries. Graduates will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of theories and concepts necessary to advance learning and/or professional practice as well as to practice research skills providing a critical perspective of the real-world complex issues related to the intractable problem of food security in the following specific fields: Agricultural Economics; Agronomy; Animal Science; Environmental Economics; or, Horticulture.

Whether evaluated for the minimum three-year duration or the regular four-year program, students will spend one year in mobility to benefit from the advantages of exposure to a variety of cultures and worldviews, experience with diverse facilities and resources, and veritable international recognition of their education, which are all expected to boost research quality and global visibility.

Although a limited number of fields of interest have been offered for the pioneer batch of Dual PhD by Research students, future program configurations are expected to encompass more specializations dealing with ensuring security and responsible management of resources and the environment.

*Structure and other details are subject to the final approval of the program.

Admission Requirements / How to Apply

PhD (Meteorology) by Research

Apply for the PhD (Meteorology) by Research here.


PhD by Research

Applicants for admission into the Program must meet the following eligibility requirements for both institutions.

An applicant for admission to the Dual PhD by Research Program in UPLB must:

a. be a holder of a master’s degree (except for professional masters) from a recognized institution in a field related to the specialization for which s/he is applying;

b. have a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.75 or better in the master’s degree;

c. have at least three (3) years of relevant experience in research certified by a competent authority; 

d. have at least one refereed publication, as senior or sole author, in a reputable journal; and

e. undergo and pass the assessment process conducted by the evaluation committee of the relevant academic unit.

An applicant for admission to the Program in UoR must:

a. have a Bachelor’s degree of at least 2.1 level (or equivalent), or a master’s degree in a subject related to the proposed PhD research topic;

b. achieve a score of 7 on the International Language Testing System (IELTS) Test or the equivalent in alternative English Language qualifications approved by the UoR; and

c. have a suitable research topic acceptable to a potential supervisor in UoR.

If an application is favourably considered, deferment of registration for a period not exceeding one year may be granted upon written request although a revised research proposal prior to registration after the deferment may be required. A student unable to register within one year of admission will have to reapply for admission.

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