MSc Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) 

Dual Degree

This course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for successful disaster intervention, in the Philippines and elsewhere, across the globe. It aims to provide a sound knowledge of disaster theory, management policy, and practice, and support in the development of capacity to identify, analyse, interpret, and manage risk and disaster issues. An essential aspect of study is the development of a strategic perspective, which draws on an analysis of various forms of intervention into disasters, integrated into relevant policy and practice frameworks.

The course is broadly-based, covering a wide range of topics within the interdisciplinary field of Disaster Management. It places an emphasis on academic content and on the application of theory and concepts, taught by staff with a variety of backgrounds - both academic and practitioner.

The course is appropriate for professionals who wish to further their careers in the areas of Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance, Capacity Building and Disaster Risk Reduction. It is also intended to meet the needs of those in associated professions seeking a career change and who wish to gain an understanding of contemporary, international disaster issues, and those who wish to enter disaster management and related fields.

Key Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to equip graduates, or professionals with the necessary knowledge to identify, critically analyze, assess and successfully manage a growing range of disasters and to operate confidently in policy and management sectors. The overall aim is to foster a strengthening of community, professional, organizational and government capacity to deal with complex multi-factoral emergencies from local to international levels. The objectives of the course are to develop the following skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to an increased resilience to risks and threats to economies and societies:

  • technical and management issues to enable graduates to contribute with a high level of competence;
  • knowledge of UK, European and international emergency and disaster management policy and practice;
  • capacity to undertake risk and vulnerability assessments at an appropriate level;
  • knowledge of the legal and political framework of the UK, European and international emergency and disaster management sector;
  • awareness of the social, political and environmental contexts of disaster management;
  • abilities in independent investigation and research;
  • teamwork skills, thus facilitating the mobility of professional employment and the application of professional knowledge and skills across the world;
  • information management, communication and presentation skills.

Location and Contact Information

For questions and those intending to apply, please contact us at:

Engr. Cynthia L. Posadas, PhD. Mgmt

Dean, School of Engineering and Architecture

Saint Louis University, Bonifacio Street

Baguio City, Philippines 2600

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