HEI Type

Private/Catholic University

Vision for Internationalisation

Strengthen and diversify SLU international programme portfolio that is student and faculty-driven while ensuring campus relevance, academic excellence, programme sustainability, alumni engagement and local/international connectedness that reflect our global vision

Flagship Disciplines

Education Business Administration
Information Technology  Nursing
Engineering Medical Laboratory Science

Priority Area for TNE Partnership

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management 

Student Population


Courses under the TNE Programme

University Profile

Saint Louis University

The MSc DRRM at Saint Louis University is a transnational education (TNE) program with Coventry University, UK. It is envisioned to be offered to prospective graduate school students that will lead to a dual degree, awarded jointly by SLU and CU.

The program is designed to equip its graduates with the necessary knowledge to identify, critically analyse, assess and successfully manage a growing range of crisis, emergency and potential disaster situations. It is focused on community-practitioner engagement, sustainability, disaster risk reduction and resilience. (UC Course Specification on International Disaster Management).

SLU’s strategic internationalization plan is to strengthen and diversify SLU’s international program portfolio that is student and faculty driven while ensuring campus relevance, academic excellence, program sustainability, alumni engagement, and local/international connectedness that reflect our global vision. Its long term goal is to leverage existing SLU talents, assets and programs with partners such as peer universities, alumni, industry and community partners. Its internationalization program intends to enhance students learning and career options and to provide avenues to explore new opportunities in research and development.

Coventry University

Coventry University is a modern UK university with a growing national and international reputation for the quality of its education, its relations with business and industry and its international collaborations.

In 1993, Coventry University pioneered the teaching of disaster management in the UK. Staff in the School of Energy, Construction and Environment (ECE) research on humanitarian Engineering, natural hazards, emergency preparedness, and community resilience and development. More than 20 full time academic staff contribute to: 3 BSc degrees- Disaster Management, Disaster Management and Emergency Planning, and Geography & Natural Hazards; and 2 MSc degrees- MSc Disaster Management and MSc Emergency Planning a& Management. The School is committed to strengthening the intercultural competencies of its students and internationalizing the disaster management curricula.