Virtual exhibition 

We are pleased to present ‘From land to loom, from fibre to form’ in collaboration with the National Museum of the Philippines. The exhibition is an important part of the projects' advocacy and engagement and serves as an awareness raising platform for the wider public to discover and discuss the findings coming out of the scoping grants. 

Curated by Tessa Guazon, the virtual exhibition of the Woven Networks research project draws from our grantees' engagement with their partner communities. It presents the highlights of the nine research grants on a digital platform. The projects of the grantees contribute to approaches for inclusive sustainability of our forests and forest-linked livelihoods. The virtual exhibition is among several educational materials of the Woven Networks initiative. 

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Lily Villanueva

About the project

Woven Networks - Craft changemakers conserving forests aims to strengthen the voices of local communities by highlighting their sustainable practices and vital role as artisans, thus growing forest resources and livelihood. The project advocates for more inclusive and gender-sensitive forest management by sparking exciting collaborations and knowledge exchange between forest dependent craft communities and trusted intermediaries - designers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, leaders and the academe. Woven Networks is a one-year partnership between the Forest Foundation and British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme.

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