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Woven Networks Sharing Sessions was a four-day online event  from 30 August –
2 September 2022. It featured Woven Networks grantees and their work with forest-dependent craft communities across the Philippines, showcasing the role of craft in helping communities and forests to thrive.
The event focused on the stories of people working together across the Philippines and with the UK to create change through weaving networks that support each other.  It culminated the launch of From land to loom, from fibre to form: Woven Networks
virtual exhibition that celebrate programme highlights and feature objects from the National Museum of Anthropology collection.

Woven Networks - Craft changemakers conserving forests is a one-year partnership between the Forest Foundation and the British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme. It aims to strengthen the voices of local communities by highlighting their sustainable practices and vital role as artisans, thus growing forest resources and livelihood. 

Part of the programme is the Woven Networks Scoping Grants, that initiates new collaborations and supports projects that champion indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable resource management and improved livelihood of craft communities. 


Session 01, Discovery: Artisans + sustainable practices
30 August 2022, Tuesday, 4.00–5.30 p.m. (PH)/ 9.00–10.30 a.m. (UK)

This session features projects that develop new designs and products using non-timber forest products, alongside sustainable resource management. This also includes material innovations using regenerative approaches.  

Session 02, Rediscovery: Artisans growing forest resources
31 August 2022, Wednesday, 4.00–5.30 p.m. (PH) / 9.00–10.30 a.m. (UK)

This session features projects that develop and disseminate the importance of indigenous knowledge, innovate craft technologies, and community participation in relation to forest management.  

Session 03, Recovery: Artisans and the future of work
1 September 2022, Thursday, 4.00–5.30 p.m. (PH) / 9.00–10.00 a.m. (UK)

This session features projects that implement new organisational approaches, frameworks or partnerships between weavers, forest communities and entrepreneurial initiatives such as in the areas of commerce and eco-tourism. It also includes projects that strengthen sustainable value chains and systems. 

Session 04, Virtual exhibition launch
2 September 2022, Friday, 4.00–5.30 p.m. (PH) / 9.00–10.00 a.m. (UK)
Curated by Tessa Maria Guazon
From land to loom, from fiber to form is the virtual exhibition of the Woven Networks research project. Drawing from the grantees' engagement with their partner communities, it presents the highlights of the nine research grants on a digital platform. These pave the way toward approaches that aim for the inclusive sustainability of our forests and forest-linked livelihoods. The virtual exhibition is among several educational materials of the Woven Networks initiative.

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