Meet Sherdon Niño Uy, Newton Fund grant awardee.

Research topic: Wind Resource Design Decision Support

Host institution / UK university: Birmingham City University

Home institution: Manila Observatory

What is your proposed PhD research?

Wind energy is a potential power source for cities but it must be implemented with small-scale wind turbines at strategic locations within the metropolis. The research aims to develop a system for wind resource assessment that is useful for cities like Manila in order to aid in decision-making for placement of small-scale wind turbines within the city.

What is the relevance of your research to the Philippines’ economic development and/or social welfare?

With the research output, it can be a tool in decision-making for renewable energy investments for the country. At present, energy demand in the Philippines is not being met adequately. Rotating brownouts have been occurring especially in the southern parts of the country. Renewable energy can address the need and avert using power barges again that are expensive and not sustainable. Wind can help alleviate the problem. Instead of power barges, installation of small-scale wind turbines can be an alternative. A stable energy source can ensure future economic development for the Philippines.

How do you envision your UK education can contribute to your future career as a researcher?

The multicultural and research-oriented study plan of the UK is conducive for a PhD program. Exposure to such an environment with various backgrounds will enrich me as a person and become aware of the broader world. Since the focus is on research, I will develop practical skills and craft research studies that are useful to society. Thus, I will be trained to solve real-world problems.

How has the commitment of the UK in science and technology influence your decision in choosing the Newton Fund?

The UK is always at the forefront in terms of research and development for science and technology.  The volume of publications coming out of UK is immense and has high impact to the scientific community.  Technological innovations that it introduces to the world have a tendency to create an industry and become a standard because of its excellence and superior design.

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