Meet Krista Danielle Yu, Researcher Links Travel Grant awardee.

Research topic: Resilient Supply Chain Networks Under Climate Change Conditions

Host Institution: University of Derby

Home Institution: De La Salle University

What is your proposed research topic/title of your collaboration?

My research focuses on establishing resilient supply chain networks under climate change induced events such as drought, temperature change and extreme weather conditions.

What is the relevance of your research to the Philippines’ economic development and/or social welfare?

Climate change has affected the lives of Filipinos in many aspects such as increased incidence of extreme weather events, reduced agricultural productivity and power shortages. Through a systems based approach, supply chain networks can be configured to identify an appropriate energy mix while considering production targets and reducing emissions. In addition, risk analysis will be implemented to ensure the viability of such strategies. This, in turn, translates to reduced demand for mainstream energy, creating more supply for households.

How do you envision your collaboration with a UK institution can contribute to your future career as a researcher?

Partnering with a UK institution provides access to a network of experts in various fields which can yield broader insights towards my research interest. A sustainable linkage with the UK institution will lead to producing research that will contribute positively to society.

How has the commitment of the UK to science and innovation influence your decision in choosing the Newton Fund?

The UK has always been a pioneer in the field of science and innovation. The broad support that they provide for exploring new ideas as well as aggressive strategies of UK-based researchers is something that Filipinos can aspire and learn from.