Panublix Inovations, Inc.

Project title: Panublix weaving enterprise digital enabler, or "PWEDE”
Focal landscape: Isabela (Sierra madre mountain ranges)
Recipient: Panublix Innovations Inc. (In-charge: Ria San Gabriel)
Panublix is a collaborative platform in development that provides tropical yarns, textiles and artisan crafts to designers and brands by creating a transparent and impactful digital sourcing experience. Based in Iloilo City, Philippines, Panublix comes from the Hiligaynon word, "Panubli-on", which means heritage. We work directly with weavers and garment makers to make them enterprise-ready for commerce and trade. Driven to contribute to a circular economy and move away from the industry’s extractive practices, we are building towards a vision of a thriving Southeast Asian tropical textile and artisan craft economy by 2030 - a future that respects culture, community and biodiversity.

About the project

We aim to bridge the digital economy and encourage weaving enterprises in the Philippines to fully embrace digital adoption by providing an online platform and a business support programme.

Panublix Weaving Enterprise Digital Enabler or 'PWEDE', also spells out the Filipino word for 'possible', implying that it is possible to digitally enable our heritage and craft bearers!

The following benefits will be provided to the selected enterprises:  

  •  Access to sustainable tropical yarn (to replace polyester)
  • access to international markets/fashion designers
  • profile in a nationwide mapping which includes information on impact and sustainability
  • full-stack e-commerce support and digital marketing
  • built-in digital payments for financial inclusion
  • focused product development designed specifically for end customers
  • community of support with fellow Panublix artisans.