Our Newton scholars who completed their PhD studies in July 2020 from left to right: Sherdon Uy, Kevin Miranda and Jopeth Ramis
Our Newton Agham grantees (from left) Sherdon Niño Uy, Kevin Jace Miranda and Jopeth Ramis completed their PhD studies in the UK this July.

This July 2020, we celebrated another milestone with our partners Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED), as our three Newton PhD scholars completed their studies in the UK. While the British Council has granted scholarships for graduate studies since we started operating in the Philippines 40 years ago, this is our first batch of doctorate studies in the UK.

Jopeth Ramis – PhD in Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies

DOST-Newton scholar Dr Ramis of Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) successfully completed his PhD  at the University of Nottingham. In our interview with him, he shared his plans for the development of tissue-engineered organs through new class technologies, with the help of DOST. ‘Hopefully I can work with our current experts to enhance further our capabilities in biomedical research in the Philippines’, said Dr Ramis who is set to return to TIP Manila as an associate professor.

Sherdon Niño Uy – PhD in Engineering

After completing his PhD studies at the Birmingham City University on a DOST-Newton grant, he is set to return to the Manila Observatory to serve a research post. Dr Uy hopes to aid in the capacity-building of the country for sustainable development through his research. ‘The wind energy research I am involved in would hopefully contribute to the development of rural electrification projects as well as deployment of sustainable technologies for power production,’ Uy stated.

Kevin Jace Miranda – PhD in Chemistry

CHED-Newton PhD scholar Dr Miranda finished his graduate study at the University of Aberdeen. As he prepares his homecoming at Adamson University, he told us of his plans to establish his own laboratory to focus on biodiscovery. Dr Miranda is optimistic about utilising the Philippines’ rich biodiversity and its potential in discovering novel compounds for pharmaceutical, biological and industrial use.

Eighteen more PhD scholars are anticipated to complete studies in the coming months. Earlier this year, six more researchers have been awarded the scholarship opportunity.

The Newton PhD Programme aims to help Filipinos advance their studies and careers in science and innovation and build sustainable, long-lasting partnerships between the UK and the Philippines. The programme is jointly funded by the Philippine government through DOST and CHED offering full-time PhD scholarships for Filipino researchers in the UK.

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